PROSPECTUS 2024/2025

Salford & Districts Football League

Enabling the development of children and young people through football

PROSPECTUS 2024/2025

League Season

  • Start date September 7th/8th 2024
  • End date May 25th/26th 2024

The Salford & Districts Football League is a non-profit organisation. 

Ran by a committee of volunteers.

We offer the lowest league fees in the region

2023/2024 season, referee coverage of Saturday minimum 90%, Sunday 100%.

End of season finals, venue and referee costs covered by the league.

Affiliated to Manchester FA.

What the League offer

Boys/Mixed Teams U7s to U16s

The league is Sanctioned to offer (when there’s a requirement)

Girls Teams U7s to U14s

Wildcat Centres Development

Futsal U7s to U12s

(Further details can be circulated for the above when we have sufficient number of teams).

Games are predominately played Saturday with the exception of 2 Jewish clubs who play Sunday.

Development football:  U7s, U8s, U9s, U10s and U11s.

  • Teams will participate in development matches within their division. Each development block will consist of between 4 to 8 weeks worth of fixtures.
  • U7s, 1 cup tournament per season
  • Supplementary Cup (February/March) Each divison will be split into 2 groups playing each team within their group once with the group winner progressing to the final.
  • U8s to U11s, 2 cup tournaments per season
  • Challenge Cup (October/November), Age groups will be split in to 8 groups and play each team within the group once. Group stage winners will be entered in to an 8 team knock out competition.
  • Supplementary Cup (February/March) Each division will be split into 2 groups playing each team within their group once with the group winner progressing to the final.

Competitive Football:  U12s, U13s, U14s and U15s.

  • 2 cup competitions per season
  • Challenge Cup (October/November) Knockout random draw competition between all teams within the age group regardless of division.
  • Supplementary Cup (February/March) Divisional Cup whereby each division is split into 2 groups playing each team within their group once with the group winner progressing to the final.

An all-girls team can play in the boys/mixed divisions on a Saturday and play a year down, e.g., U9s team can play at U8s

All games are played on Home and Away basis at pre agreed (at registration stage) kick off times that suit the

clubs/teams. Saturday earliest KO time is 9am and latest 1pm. Sunday earliest KO time is 9am and latest 2pm.

Divisions will consist of a minimum 8 teams and maximum 12 teams.


Age GroupsFormatCost £’s
Under 7s5v550.00
Under 8s5v550.00
Under 9s7v785.00
Under 10s7v785.00
Under 11s9v995.00
Under 12s9v995.00
Under 13s11v1195.00
Under 14s11v1195.00
Under 15s11v1195.00

The above costs are for ALL teams based on the following:

U7s and U8s unlimited number of players can be registered (Max 10 players on match day – 5 substitutes)

U9s and U10s unlimited number of players can be registered (Max 14 players on match day – 7 substitutes)

U11s and U12s unlimited number of players can be registered (Max 14 players on match day – 5 substitutes)

U13s U14s and U15s unlimited number of players can be registered (Max 16 players on match day – 5 substitutes).

Useful Information for all age groups

The S&DFL fixtures will be played to the maximum minutes per half.


For season 2024/2025 we will again be adopting the FAs Player Portal. If any issues, please contact your County FA and inform the league so they are aware.

All players must be registered with this format before playing any matches in the S&DFL, part of this process includes player insurance etc.

The Player Portals Team ID sheet MUST be printed in colour or a PDF downloaded copy on a mobile device and produced and checked against players prior to kick off.

The sanctioned format number of players to be registered by 24th August (failure to do so will see a delay in the start of that team’s season).

Additional players can be added anytime there after and no later then 1pm Thursdays and as long as all league requirements have been fulfilled, approval may be granted later Friday for player to be available to play that weekend.

Deadline date for player registrations

  • Internal club transfers 31st December.
  • All other registrations and out of club transfers, 1st March.


U7s, U8s, U9s, and U10s            –     £20.00 per game

U11s, U12s, U13s, and U14s     –     £30.00 per game

U15s and U16s                            –     £36.00 per game 

(Plus, Referees and Assistant Referees, expenses per mile (over 10 miles from Salford Town Hall) £ 0.20

Referee’s fees are shared equally between teams irrespective of age group, competition or home and away fixtures.


Will be held at the end of the season (to be confirmed), venue and referee costs will be covered by the League


U7s to U16s invoices issued end of September (4 weeks after season start date).

All clubs for season 2022/2023 have the option to pay league fees over 4 equal monthly payments; by prior agreement with the league treasurer;

                • 1st payment to be received by 31st October

                • 2nd payment to be received by 30th November

                • 3rd payment to be received by 31st December

                • 4th and final payment to be received by 31st January 2024.


Applications are an online Google Form, 1 registration form for the club and 1 registration form per team registering           with the league.

Applications for current member clubs is open from now until 1st August (failure to miss the closing date will see a delay in the start of the club’s season).

Applications for non-member clubs, is open from now until 1st June, this being prior to the AGM (AGM date to be confirmed), new clubs and teams to be voted in at the AGM. Once accepted club and teams will be added to the league.

Please ensure that all details requested are completed and team registrations must include assistant’s details. (If amendments need to be made, please enter original form, amend details and inform league secretary by email that changes have been made. Please do not create a new form)

Club Registration form:

Team Registration form:

By completing and submitting a completed Google Form you accept the terms and conditions of payment, the rules and bye laws of the S&DFL (Rules and Bye Laws will be sent out prior to the AGM).

For current member clubs please following link to the Continuation of Membership form to be completed by 30th April 2023

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Dena Taylor on

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