“I am very pleased to welcome you to the Salford & Districts Football League Induction Pack.  The league was established in 2003 as the City Of Salford Football league and has seen many changes and progressions in football in the community since then.

The Salford & Districts Football League has the privilege of being a FA Charter Standard League and one of the most respected by Manchester County FA with who we have a close working relationship.

Enabling the development of children and young people through football

Community Football and sport is key in the development of our young adults and the managers and coaches must help in providing this as an enjoyable, fulfilling experience.  It is with this in mind that we have produced this pack to help all involved in junior football.

This induction pack helps the managers understand the league structure and protocols within it to protect those who take part in it and I hope that every recipient of the Induction Pack, whatever his or her involvement in the game, will find it a helpful reference during what I hope will be another exciting season.

John McLellan-Grant
Salford & Districts Football League